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I am a teacher who is convinced that you have the ability to connect deeply to your Divine support system. That you and I, and everyone on Earth is Divine Light inhabiting physical bodies for the purpose of learning to love fearlessly and unconditionally.



Maria Toso, E-RYT 500

Maria is the founder and owner of Breath of Life Therapeutic Yoga and Coaching® based in St Paul. Maria has been practicing and guiding yoga and meditation since 1990. She leads her students with compassion and wisdom toward integrating the multi-faceted practice of yoga into daily life. Her experience includes teaching at places ranging from addiction recovery centers, universities, yoga studios, private businesses as well as in her private therapeutic yoga and coaching practice. Maria is on the faculty at Saint Paul College where she trains students to become certified yoga teachers through the 200 hour college accredited yoga teacher training program. She also teaches in the Yoga Teacher training program at Minneapolis  Community and Technical College.

Maria is certified in therapeutic yoga through Yoga North - International Institute for Soma Yoga and is currently enrolled in the  3-year Somatic Experiencing program through the Somatic Experiencing Instituite.  

How it all started:

Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in Copenhagen, Denmark, I experienced an inner knowing. With out having words for it, I was aware of a guidance and protection system that surrounded me wherever I went. 

I often seemed to know what would happen before it did and I have regularly had premonitory dreams. When I was 17, I was devastated by my father's sudden death while I was abroad. It was in my search for meaning and answers after this shock to my system that I first discovered meditation at the Tibetan Buddhist Center in Copenhagen. Through a more formalized spiritual practice, I deepened and strengthened my connection to Spirit. In connecting  with people, I get images and messages that stream into me. 

I know to my core that you too have the ability to connect deeply to your Divine support system; whatever name you might give to the Source that sustains us all. That you and I, and everyone on Earth is made of Divine Light. But modern living practices and negative thinking patterns can cloud our inherent wisdom. 

Through fairly simple life style changes that may include daily yoga, prayer and breath work, I have witnessed student after student access their inner Teacher and Light. This is how I work. I don't want anyone to become dependent on outer guidance; I want to show you how to access your own inner Teacher and Light.