"...awesome how we are all naturally talented artists in the moment."

I am always so inspired by these painting and sharing session. Both from internal perspective gained as well as hearing the feeling and thought from others about their creations - awesome how we all are naturally talented artists in the moment. 

— Michelle Heerey, Heart & Art Yoga Workshop participant

"I felt like I had given myself a deep tissue massage"

The addiction factor: During the first poses, skepticism set in. How could raising one shoulder an inch off the ground a few times help my achy, stiff neck? Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to hit a massage table, since I wasn’t burning calories anyway? But after two hours on the mat, I felt like I had somehow given myself a deep-tissue massage

— Heidi Raschke, The StarTribune


"I feel so much more focused and renewed"

I enjoyed our retreat at the Christine Center so much. If you do one in the fall or winter, I am definitely there. I returned to the Twin Cities with many more emotions and feelings than I imagined and there were several times over the last week that I was in tears and had a very cathartic release. But I feel so much more focused and renewed. Thank you for hosting a well planned and executed retreat.  

— Lori Buggs, Saint Paul,  retreat participant and Yoga Teacher Training student

"Maria literally saved my life"

Maria literally saved my life a few years ago, and I am eternally grateful for her intervention. Anyone who works with Maria will be benefited and empowered. She is a person of awesome empathy, compassion, and wisdom.  

— Jeff Linzer, - Astrologer in Minneapolis (MN)


"I LOVE Maria's CDs"

I LOVE Maria's CDs. The sound quality is excellent and she has such a great voice for the recordings. I have looked at other Yoga Nidra and meditation tapes but Maria's are the best. Browse Amazon, listen to some samples and you will hear the difference. I have found Maria's CDs to be very effective. 

— Monica Schultz  - Frankfort, (MI)



"awakening & liberating"

As a yoga and meditation teacher, Maria has the exceptional ability to be both a great technician and a spiritual leader, an intuitive guide. This, I find deeply beneficial and rewarding. She has great understanding of yoga and can beautifully demonstrate the correct alignment and position. What I truly enjoy about my yoga class session is the depth in which I travel, in spirit. After my yoga class, I feel very present. I believe that my heart chakra is more open and I am a happy traveler (someone at work jokingly said, ”Cynthia, you are too happy after your yoga!”). It is this joy that I take back to my work. Maria is an expert; however she has the ability to tune into a beginner’s mind for teaching, which makes one feel at ease and accepting of where one’s own yoga practice may find itself within each particular day. I highly recommend Maria as a yoga and meditation teacher. 

— Cynthia Olson, St Paul, MN - yoga and meditation student


"one of the most gifted instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with"

When I met Maria, the first thing that struck me was her grace. She is truly a soulful person and I could just feel the positive energy radiating from her. I truly believe that Maria is one of the most gifted instructors that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I only wish I lived closer so that I could continue taking classes with her two times a day.   

— Susan Broderick, Washington D.C. - retreat participant


“can’t imagine sunday morning without maria

I look forward to attending Sunday morning meditation and yoga class with Maria. She has such a calm, caring presence and a kind, gentle spirit. She makes it easy to be fully present in the moment. I especially appreciate Maria’s guidance during meditation. She has the ability to help me to connect to my inner strengths and draw them out rather than focusing on the challenges. Maria is particularly skilled in helping us wherever we are in our practice . She stretches those who have been working for some time while guiding and offering alternatives for those who are new.  I can’t imagine a Sunday morning without Maria and her class. 

— Anne F. Baker, Minneapolis, MN - yoga and meditation student


“a soothing and healing journey”

Maria’s guidance took me to a rare and peaceful place during yoga nidra. She has the most soothing voice that when paired with her remarkable patience took me on a soothing and healing journey. I was present and yet not, all at the same time; it was reminiscent of hypnosis really. It was so apparent to me that yoga is the cornerstone of Maria’s life and where she draws her strength, serenity and wisdom from. She brings such grace to yoga; it’s like an art for her not an exercise. Maria has a gentle, kind spirit I feel so lucky to have spent time with her. 

— Celeste Sciortino, Chicago, IL - retreat participant


“be here now”

I so appreciate Maria’s guidance to clear the mind and bring focus to the yoga practice.  She coach us to breathe as we think,  ”I am here now,” and to leave all other thoughts outside—to be present in the moment.  One thing I really appreciate is when Maria tell us to acknowledge any thoughts that come into our minds, then dismiss them.  Maria teaches each yoga class with calm, caring energy.  She is careful to encourage and challenge at the same time as adapt and support each of the yoga participants. 

— Rebecca Lund, St Paul - prenatal yoga student


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