September 9: Yoga Teacher Training Information Class

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September 9: Yoga Teacher Training Information Class


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Maria Toso is a fantastic teacher. She makes any student of any background feel welcome and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the world. Maria is an incredibly accomplished yogi as well, and has a way of breaking down poses and helping students find their own cues that allows them to find their own inner instructor. - Meghan Hatalla, Teacher Training graduate, 2016

St Paul Yoga Center

1162 Selby Ave, St Paul. 

Friday September 6, 2019


Next Teacher Training start date: October 18, 2019 — End date: April 12, 2020. All courses take place at St Paul Yoga Center in St. Paul.

The full program costs $2,750

Use code: 200OFFTT to receive $200 off the tuition now through August, 2019.
Or choose payment plan: 5 monthly payments of $550 — Click HERE to set up your payment plan

Yoga is the quieting down of the agitated mind. Everything we do in yoga, be it asanas (poses), breath control (pranayama) and Meditation, is all with the goal of calming or even stilling the agitated mind. To come into Peace. To be a true expression of your Light. Unencumbered by our reactive wounds, anxiety and fear. Join Maria's yoga teacher training and learn how to quiet the mind through the ancient yogic practices. Then go teach others.The world needs real yoga. Not just poses that make your body pretty but yoga that cultivates your connection to your Divine Self. You don't have to be young and strong to learn how to teach yoga. You need to be willing to question what your mind has been telling you about you and others. You need to be willing to let go of judging and to do the hardest work of all: that of gaining mastery over the ego-based-mind-neurosis.

Please join me for a sample of Gentle Yoga and pranayama followed by an introduction to my upcoming 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Start date: October 18, 2019 — End date: April 12, 2020. All courses take place at St Paul Yoga Center in St. Paul.

The program runs over the course of 6 months (7 full weekends) and will prepare you to lead any type of group through a yoga and meditation practice. Completing your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Maria Toso, E-RYT 500, will prepare you to be an exceptional teacher and leader who will inspire others to walk to the true path of the yogi, one of lifelong growth, humility and compassion.

Learning to be a yoga teacher with Maria Toso is also a healing journey deeply into yourself. It's a solid way to break through any stubborn lack of self-confidence or persistent anxiety that has held you back from expressing your true voice with peace and authenticity.

During this 6-month training the ancient yogic practices will be brought to life within you and help you take inventory of your own life as you cultivate your solid teacher teacher voice step by step. You will emerge from this training a better you, a more confident you and a more peaceful you.

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Details about the yoga teacher training program can be FOUND HERE

Teacher Training Faculty:

  • Lead Trainer: Maria Toso, E-RYT 500

  • Anatomy and Alignment: Danielle Berres, P.T. and E-RYT-200

  • Bandhas and Pranayama: Paul Busch, Director of St Paul Yoga Center

  • Ayurveda: Marcia Meredith, Director of Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda

I cannot say enough good things about Maria Toso. She had us up in front of the class on our very first day. She truly prepared us for being in front of people and teaching a class. Our final was teaching a one-hour public class, so we would have real life experience teaching with confidence in a class setting other than our classmates. She helped me experience and understand yoga on a very deep level, and left me with no doubt I was on the correct path. I feel she taught me not only how to be a good teacher, but also to be a better person in my own life. I would highly recommend her teacher training to anyone looking to complete a sound, fulfilling training. - Jenna Staloch, Teacher Training Graduate, 2015

Maria is a wonderful teacher. Her in depth knowledge in teaching asana is great, but I really benefitted from her knowledge in meditation and somatics. I believe her teachings far exceeds what is offered in those areas at the 200 hour level, elsewhere. - Lisa Ophoven, Teacher Training Graduate, 2017

Teacher training Instructor Maria Toso is exceptionally qualified to guide students. Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: meditation, yoga nidra, yoga philosophy & history, asanas, modifications and cueing techniques. Through loving kindness and sharing her deep understanding of yoga; she provides students with a solid base from which to build our own practice and instills confidence. An Inspiring and Supportive role model! - Kathy Young, Teacher Training Graduate, 2016

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