200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (6 month program)


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I cannot say enough good things about Maria Toso. She had us up in front of the class on our very first day. She truly prepared us for being in front of people and teaching a class. Our final was teaching a one-hour public class, so we would have real life experience teaching with confidence in a class setting other than our classmates. She helped me experience and understand yoga on a very deep level, and left me with no doubt I was on the correct path. I feel she taught me not only how to be a good teacher, but also to be a better person in my own life. I would highly recommend her teacher training to anyone looking to complete a sound, fulfilling training. - Jenna Staloch, Teacher Training Graduate, 2015

This is a six month 3-day per month (Friday-Sunday) immersion based program combining lecture, discussion, experiential components, and lab classes. Yoga practices (asana, meditation, self-study) as well as coaching and mentoring will be provided throughout the program. Students will be required to complete at-home practice and assignments in between weekend immersions. Embarking on your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Maria Toso, E-RYT 500, will prepare you to be an exceptional teacher and leader who will inspire others to walk to the true path of the yogi, one of lifelong growth, humility and compassion.

Learning to be a yoga teacher with Maria Toso is also a healing journey deeply into yourself. It's a solid way to break through any stubborn lack of self-confidence or persistent anxiety that has held you back from expressing your true voice with peace and authenticity. During this 6-month training the ancient yogic practices will be brought to life within you and help you take inventory of your own life as you cultivate your solid teacher teacher voice step by step. You will emerge from this training a better you, a more confident you and a more peaceful you.

Breath of Life yoga School is accredited with Yoga Alliance as a RYS 200 (Registered Yoga School 200 hrs) as our training school has met and exceeded the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may register with the Yoga Alliance and use the title ‘Registered Yoga Teacher’ RYT as a sign of quality training.


Program Objectives:

Following the succesful completion of this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, you will be able to:

  • Teach a Hatha based yoga class in a safe and supportive way.

  • Demonstrate the basics of gentle and alignment focused asana class.

  • Combine Restorative Yoga with Somatics (Soma Yoga)

  • Understand how to sequence a class and transition between poses.

  • Provide modifications and accommodations for special populations and needs.

  • Teach basic pranayama and meditation.

  • Understand the stress response (fight, flight, or freeze) and how to relax the body.

  • Work one-on-one with clients or in a group setting and adhere to professional ethics

  • Apply yoga philosophy to daily living.

  • The business of yoga

The Breath of Life Yoga School’s 200 hour yoga teacher training is divided into 5 courses that can be taken i 6 months (currently November 2018-May 2019) or you many choose to take fewer courses and spread the length of the program out over a longer period as your time allows. Each course is a stand alone course that you can also choose to take to deepen a certain area of your practice even if you do not have immediate plans to become a teacher. You may choose to register for the whole program ($2,700) or register for one class series at a time ($545 per course).

The following 5 courses will make up the complete training program:

Asana & Teaching Methodology I & II — COURSE FEE $1,100

Classes held on Saturday and Sunday morning (9:30AM-1:30PM) one weekend a month (dates listed below)

  • The classic Hatha Yoga poses

  • Somatics and restorative yoga

  • Structuring a Class

  • Sequencing of Postures

  • Props & Postures

  • Adjustments

  • Student Variance

  • Developoing a Home Practice

  • The business of yoga


    Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation — COURSE FEE $545

    Classes held on Friday evenings (6:30PM-8:30PM) one weekend a month (dates listed below)

  • Mindfulness meditation techniques

  • Chakra based meditation practice

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Vipassana Techniques

  • Loving Kindness Meditation

  • Posture technology

  • Common roadblocks to a consistent meditation practice

  • Developoing a Home Practice


Yoga History and Philosophy — COURSE FEE $545

Classes held on Saturday afternoons (2:30PM-5:30PM) one weekend a month (dates listed below)

  • Yoga’s Ethical System: The Yamas & Niyamas

  • Yoga History (the origins of modern yoga) and philosophy (Yoga Sutra Excerpts)

  • The Klesha (the cause of human suffering)

  • Karma and Samskaras

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7 Essential Yoga Workhops — COURSE FEE $545

Classes held on Sunday afternoons (2:30PM-6:00PM) one weekend a month (dates listed below)

  1. Ayurvedic Practices by Ayurvedic Practitioner Marcia Meredith (November 18, 2018)

  2. Anatomy & Physiology I by Danielle Berres (December 16, 2018)

  3. Anatomy & Physiology II by Danielle Berres (January 20, 2019)

  4. Restorative & Somatics I by Maria Toso (February 17, 2019)

  5. Prenatal Yoga with Sarah Hauss (March 10, 2019)

  6. The Bandhas and Pranayama by Paul Busch (April 14, 2019)

  7. The Chakra Inquiry Workshop by Maria Toso (May 19, 2019)

This training will be a milestone in your life that will reach deeply into all aspects of your life.

As a native Dane, Maria Toso, E-RYT-500 brings over 25 years of yoga and meditation experience from the United States and Europe and is committed to providing exemplary instruction in a safe and compassionate learning environment. Along with her co-teachers, she fasciliates a warm and caring community environment where students can safely develop their spiritual leadership while honoring their own need for growth and learning.

To apply for Maria's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training starting in the fall of 2018 -- please FILL OUT THIS FORM and Maria will be in touch with you.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training over 7 Weekends:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training over 7 Weekends:

Weekend Training Hours format: Friday 6:30-8:30PM, Saturday 9:30AM-5PM, Sunday 9:30AM-6:00PM

  1. November 16-18

  2. December 14-16

  3. January 18-20

  4. February 15-17

  5. March 8-10

  6. April 12-14

  7. May 17-19

    In addition to the weekend hours, students must attend one 90 minute class with Maria Toso and one 90 minute class with Paul Busch per week for 7 months for a total of 84 practice hours.

All classes are held at St Paul Yoga Center 1162 Selby Avenue in St Paul (corner Studio).

Teacher Training Faculty:

  • Lead Trainer: Maria Toso, E-RYT 500

  • Anatomy and Alignment: Danielle Berres, P.T. and E-RYT-200

  • Bandhas and Pranayama: Paul Busch, Director of St Paul Yoga Center

  • Ayurveda: Marcia Meredith, Director of Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda


Maria Toso is a fantastic teacher. Her balanced viewpoint ensures that any student of any background will feel welcome and appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the world. Maria is an incredibly accomplished yogi as well, and has a way of breaking down poses and helping students find their own cues that allows them to find their own inner instructor. - Meghan Hatalla, Teacher Training graduate, 2016

Maria is a wonderful teacher. Her in depth knowledge in teaching asana is great, but I really benefitted from her knowledge in meditation and somatics. I believe her teachings far exceeds what is offered in those areas at the 200 hour level, elsewhere. - Lisa Ophoven, Teacher Training Graduate, 2017

Teacher training Instructor Maria Toso is exceptionally qualified to guide students. Her areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: meditation, yoga nidra, yoga philosophy & history, asanas, modifications and cueing techniques. Through loving kindness and sharing her deep understanding of yoga; she provides students with a solid base from which to build our own practice and instills confidence. An Inspiring and Supportive role model! - Kathy Young, Teacher Training Graduate, 2016



Restorative yoga class in St. Paul puts the 'ah' in asana

January 28, 2017 - 10:54 PM

What it is: Think of this class as a guided nap, and you’re in the ballpark (actually, yoga studio). The practice of somatics, also called soma yoga, involves using props, micro-­movements and slow breathing to release chronic muscle tension and achieve deep relaxation. Once you’ve gathered your props — mats, eye pillows, blocks, blankets and bolsters — you spend the rest of the time sitting or lying on the floor, slowly moving from pose to pose and then into a long rest.

What’s new: Yoga is thousands of years old, but as it has become ubiquitous at gyms, rec centers and workplaces, interest in niche classes that cater to different tastes is growing. I had taken hot, hatha, power and yin classes, but soma yoga was new to me.

Who it’s for: There were 19 people at the January restorative yoga and somatics workshop at the Yoga Center in St. Paul — a full house of mostly middle-aged women, several of whom appeared to know one another (and a few who snored during final relaxation). Teacher Maria Toso, a former dancer, told our class she came to appreciate somatics after she found that small, isolated movements could release tension she formerly had treated with routine visits to a chiropractor. I’m guessing the big selling point for many of us, though, was the promise of deep relaxation in a serene candlelit space on a Saturday afternoon.

The addiction factor: During the first poses, skepticism set in. How could raising one shoulder an inch off the ground a few times help my achy, stiff neck? Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to hit a massage table, since I wasn’t burning calories anyway? But after two hours on the mat, I felt like I had somehow given myself a deep-tissue massage.

Tips for success: Avoid caffeine before class and vigorous activity after class. Keep an open mind. Drink plenty of water before and after. Err on the side of dressing warm and using extra blankets — it’s not relaxing to be cold, and your body is likely to cool down dramatically during the final relaxation.

Don’t: Worry about being an experienced yogi, knowing what to do with the props or feeling like an outsider. This gentle, slow-moving class is welcoming and forgiving. Besides, letting go of judgment is one of yoga’s core values.

What to wear: Dress like you would for any yoga class, but keep on your socks and add a long-sleeved layer or two for warmth. Comfy and cozy are key.

How to participate: Monthly somatics workshops are held at the Yoga Center in St. Paul ($40). Class sizes are limited and do tend to fill up. You can register as well as find more information about these workshops, retreats and other therapies involving soma yoga at mariatoso.com.