Yoga History and Philosophy

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yoga sutras sanskrit scroll.jpg

Yoga History and Philosophy


This 6-month course is a mandatory part of the 200-hour yoga teacher training but may also be taken as a stand-alone journey into the world of yogic tools for self-development and expansion.

Over the course of the 6 months (7 classes), you will be guided into a profound journey of increased awareness into every layer of your life. We will explore the timeless relevance of the Eight Limbs of Yoga as described by Patanjani in the Yoga Sutras and go into particular experiential depth in our application of and study of the yamas and niyamas (the moral precepts as presented in the Yoga Sutras).

This class is taught in an experiential community format and fosters a deep sense of companionship between the particpants. Yoga philosophy is meant to bring yoga into your whole life and become a way of life that brings ever deeper awareness into the mundane. Through this process, students will uncover obstacles that may be limiting their progress toward achieving the ultimate goal of yoga which the union between our Spirit Self and Our Human existence. You do not need to have any prior experience with yoga to benefit greatly from the soul exploration offered in this class. Just an open heart and mind and a willingness to grow and shed old layers of your psyche that no longer serves your hightest good.

We will study and experience:

  • Yoga’s Ethical System: The Yamas & Niyamas

  • Yoga History (the origins of modern yoga) and philosophy (Yoga Sutra Excerpts)

  • The Klesha (the cause of human suffering)

  • Karma and Samskara

Course Dates - Saturdays from 2PM-5PM at St Paul Yoga Center, 1162 Selby Avenue in St Paul.

  1. November 17

  2. December 15

  3. January 19

  4. February 16

  5. March 9

  6. April 13

  7. May 18

Required Reading:

  • The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele

  • The Path of the Yoga Sutras: a practical guide to the core of yoga by Nicolai Bachman

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