Private Consultation


Private Consultation


It is an honor and privilege to work in a one-on-one setting with my clients, supporting them as they create a rich and fulfilling life they love.

A private session is a transformational experience where together we discover the deepest calling of your heart and observe your life light up, as you align your actions to follow that impulse and make a meaningful contribution in the world.

Whether you’re interested in starting a new business, finding love, achieving a specific goal or just want to lead an overall more fulfilling and balanced life, I combine my varied trainings and degrees personal growth,  self-inquiry and coaching to tailor an approach to support your unique aspirations and goals. My relationship with clients is encouraging, authentic, practical, collaborative and holistic.

We start out by clarifying your intentions and vision, while you learn to listen to and trust your own inner guidance.  I support you in identifying and removing the barriers that block you from following your goals, while you learn to develop life tools (both internal and external) to ensure success; not only for our time together but as a more effective way to move through the world. We use everything you will go through as a stepping stone to learn from and grow, so that you can be more empowered, present and purposeful. This work is highly experiential, fun, and heartfelt but is also sure to shed light on where your wounds have been untended and where you need patience and compassion for yourself as you become conscious of how wounding has been running like a tape in your subconscious; often in the form of barriers to true intimacy and fearless authenticity. 

You can discover for yourself the freedom of living beyond your limiting beliefs and realize what is possible in your life.  By first going within to address any perceived issue at its root, you shift your relationship with it, and the benefits are reflected in all areas of your life. Only from a place of peace and acceptance can real lasting change be sustained. From this place of true power, change more naturally occurs and you’re inspired to say yes to living the fullest expression of your life.

I acknowledge you for your willingness to step into your life in a more expansive, courageous and authentic way. I am in full support of you.

With love, 


Sessions are scheduled at the beginning of each month and include unlimited email support. 

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