June 21-23 Retreat: Healing Peace Weekend at the Christine Center

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June 21-23 Retreat: Healing Peace Weekend at the Christine Center


Tuition is $450 in addition to that you must choose lodging, see options below. Needs based sliding scale for tuition is available — inquire HERE

Location: The Christine Center

W8303 Mann Road, Willard

Wisconsin 54493

Time: Friday June 21, 5:30PM - Sunday June 23, 3:00PM

Teachers: Maria Toso, E-RYT 500, Brant Kingman, Lori Buggs, RYT-200

Heal your emotional triggers, heal your relationships

We are all struggling human beings striving to truly heal and get beyond our early wounds that act as the true source of emotional reactivity. During this Solstice weekend retreat, in the most serene setting imaginable, we will bring gentle awareness to the moment of reactivity that we all experience, and we will learn to trace it to its true source. This weekend refuge will provide you with tools that will allow you to slow down in the moment of being emotionally triggered. These will allow you to cultivate a more calm and peaceful you as well as gentler relationships. You will also learn to realize when you are setting off a trigger in someone else so that you can side-step the drama and act as a catalyst for growth and healing in both yourself and the other.

When your mind is clear and peaceful, your True Light can shine into the world, unencumbered by past experiences, wounds and habits. When you identify the true source of your reactivity, you can begin the sacred process of softening, relelasing and deliberately rewriting the negative script. With the tools of therapeutic soma yoga, deep relaxation, meditation, and artistic exercises, you will release the blocked life force and truly open up to a new chapter of your life.

This Heal what Hurts Practice weekend is a milestone and a gamechanger. It essentially shines your own bright Light of Awareness deeply into less conscious areas of your psyche, clarity arises and change inevitably follows. Students report feeling deeply empowered by the Heal what Hurts Practices that are akin to a deep clearing out of the forgotten areas of your living space as well as a renewed sense of gratitude for the grace of inner guidance that is available to us when we become still and listen. 

This deeply healing weekend retreat includes therapeutic practices:

  • Deep guided mindfulness meditation, heal what hurts meditation and visualizations with Maria Toso

  • Arstic exercises with Brant Kingman

  • Pranayama and therapeutics soma yoga with Maria Toso

  • Yoga Nidra with Lori Buggs

  • Introspection, journaling and sharing

  • Homecooked organic meals (gluten-free/vegetarian per request)

  • Much needed rest and downtime!

The artistic exercises lead by Brant Kingman will give you the ability to see and express parts of yourself which you may not be able to articulate verbally. These exercises will show you that you know more about yourself than you can articulate verbally. The focus of these exercises will be to train your awareness to recognize the presence of our own internal illumination, what Brant calls our “love light,” and to shine that light into the shadows of our souls in search of the treasures of prior hurt. It’s what yogis call samskaras and what Ekhardt Tolle calls the pain body. They are energy blockages inside you that you can feel in your body. Brant will lead us on metaphorical adventures designed to heighten your awareness of these shadowy presences, and he will ask us to sketch and share our findings. The exercises will start Friday night with a trauma treasure hunt for which everyone should bring a flashlight. Saturday afternoon we draw a map to our trauma treasures, learn to draw what we cannot see, and let our love light shine in our inner darkest shadows.

You will discover many facets of the emotional triggers in your life:

  1. Recognize your body as your roadmap to the source of your triggers

  2. “Something in me feels that” – separating out from the felt sensation that is acting up

  3. What is skillful coping when you are triggered

  4. Should you stay or take space - when to do what?

  5. How blaming the person or event that triggers you is a wasted opportunity for self-exploration

  6. Uncover the unconscious script operating from inside of you

  7. Change the script, change your life

  8. Forgiveness — releasing the stuck energy of holding a grudge(s)

Please bring comfortable clothing (layers), a notebook about 8.5 x 11” in size, a pencil and a flash light. There are communal blankets available at the Christine Center but you are more than welcome to bring your own. 

It is recommended that you abstain from alcohol or drugs for at least 24 hours before and all during your retreat.

There are no pre-requisites for this retreat. You do not need any prior experience with yoga and meditation to benefit in a deep way from the therapeutic practices. 

The Retreat formally begins with dinner at 5:30PM on Friday June 21 and ends at 3:00PM on Sunday June 23. You are welcome to come earlier on the Friday (anytime after 3PM) to enjoy the surroundings and get settled into your room.

The tuition is $450 and secures your spot in the retreat (click below to purchase). In addition, you pay for your selected lodging at the Christine Center (rates vary) and meals (fixed rate: $76/person covers all meals: Friday dinner, thru Sunday lunch). The payment for the lodging must be sent by check to Maria Toso by June 1. CLICK HERE to request mailing address for the check. You must add up the room rate selected below (two nights) plus meals $76.

Lodging Rates - rates are based on per person, per night.

  • Hermitage with bath and kitchenette: $85 single, $58 each in shared space

  • ·Guest house rooms, Mary’s Villa, and Basil: $74 single, $51 each in shared space

  • ·Rustic hermitage, w/out water: $52 single, $40 each in shared space

  • ·Camping: w/out electricity: $17 - with electricity: $23

    As an example, if you choose a Guest House Room your total cost for meals and lodging will be: $226.


    The Christine Center

    W8303 Mann Road, Willard

    Wisconsin 54493-8731

Pre-registration and payment reserves your space, and is required for all workshops and retreats. There are no refunds, but if you cancel more than 1 week prior to the beginning of a class series, workshop, or retreat your payment is transferred to a credit you can use for any Breath of Life product or service. Such credits have no expiration date. If you cancel less than 3 days prior, you forfeit your payment. Please register early as space is limited.

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