Jan 12: Transitions -- navigating change

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Maria Toso portrait.jpg

Jan 12: Transitions -- navigating change


Work your way through life's transition and find auttentic peace and happiness:

Deep yogic and Meditation practices to clear out anxiety in times of uncertainty

Date: Friday January 12, 2018

Time: 6:00-9:00PM

Prerequisites: none

Location: Maria Toso's home studio in St Paul (near Lexington and 94)

If you find that things, relationships, structures around you seem to shift or even crumble but you can't yet see what is to come in its place, this workshop is for you. It will help you back to a place of peace where you can once again listen to your Spirit's True Voice and start working with, or even skilfully ride the waves of change that have entered your life. 

If you find yourself in a time of transition like this, you are not alone. We are in an unprecendented era of transition and everyone is impacted. The shadowy parts of ourselves that have not been tended to and transformed are showing up full force asking for attention and integration. We are no longer able to turn away from, and stuff, the childlike, reactive parts of ourselves but must address these traits with compassion, patience and discipline. 

This is a time of anxiety and uncertaintly but it's also a time when you are invited to be released from structures, relationships, habbits that no longer serve your spiritual growth. 

During this workshop, you will learn to release the inevitable anxiety that creeps in when uncertainty reigns. When old patterns are being uprooted but new ones have yet to be established. You will re-connect to the Divine intelligence within you that doesn't waver even when you can't see very far ahead and question what you are doing and how. 

Even if you feel intuitively that the changes that are happening in and around you are for the good on some level, the human psyche will often react with anxiety, stress and tension when predictability fades away. It is imperative to cultivate practices that anchor you deeply into the Divine Intelligence and Loving Guidance that resides at your core and never leaves. This voice, however, can so easily be drowned out by the mind driven anxieties. 

This workshop is limited 6 students and is held in the private home of Maria. 

Please arrive at 5:45PM to settle in and be ready to start at 6PM. Wear comfortable clothing and eat lightly before arriving. 

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