Nov 18: Intro to Ayurveda with Marcia Meredith

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Nov 18: Intro to Ayurveda with Marcia Meredith


Sunday, November 18, 2017


St Paul Yoga Center on 1162 Selby Ave, St Paul (corner studio)

In this afternoon workshop, you will learn all about the 3 doshas and the 6 stages of illness. You will learn how simple lifestyle changes can support your body's inherent capacity for healing -- and understand what weakens your particular body type.

Did you know that Vata types (thin, nervous, wiry) desperately need routine and Kapha (slower, heavier set, smooth skin), as much as they don't want to: must get up and move -- what's worse, Pitta types (leader types with fire in their belly) need to surrender and stop controlling everything! Find lasting physical harmony as you gently work with and not against the elements of your constitution.

Ayurveda is considered the sister science to yoga and is the ancient art of healing that deals with all aspects of a person’s life. This holistic system of medicine from India uses a constitutional model for diagnosis and treatment of imbalances in the human body and looks at every person as a unique and complete being. Each person is treated individually. Ayurveda provides guidance regarding food/diet and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and persons with health challenges can improve their health. Ayurveda is a Science of Life as well as a medical system. The ancient systems of philosophy that give Ayurveda and yoga their foundation, believe that humans are a part of nature, as are the animals and plants with whom we share this planet earth we call home. Ayurveda teaches us to live in harmony with nature, and in harmony with ourselves by teaching us how to understand ourselves from a holistic perspective. 

This is engaging workshop is taught by Marcia Meredith who is the co-founder of the Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda. Marcia will give you a thorough introduction to Ayurveda. She will cover the 3 doshas, the 6 stages of illness and simple life style changes to support the health of each constitutional type. She will teach us how to determine our own imbalances and recognize them in family, friends and students. Each individual student will get a chance to get their dosha determined by Marcia.

We will end the day with a restorative yogic sleep practice (Yoga Nidra), guided by Maria Toso. Blankets are available at the studio but you are also welcome to bring your own.

Marcia Meredith is a 2006 graduate of the two-year program at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a grateful student of Dr. Vasant Lad. She also studied with Maya Tiwari of the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda for 7 years. She is grateful to Alakananda Ma of Alandi Ashram in Boulder, Colorado for her wisdom and teachings.  Marcia Meredith has a private Ayurveda practice in south Minneapolis. 

It is recommended that you take the Dosha Test available on prior to the workshop and bring your results to class.

Quotes from Marcia’s clients:

  "I have struggled with several medical problems in recent years and have sought treatment from a number of practitioners, both traditional and alternative.  After only 2 sessions with Marcia and employing her Ayurvedic recommendations, my body has fully settled down and is functioning like it did 40 years ago.  I feel truly blessed for her expert guidance, along with her kind, respectful, educational approach, enabling me to recover my health."   C

“Ayurveda has provided me with a new perspective on myself - physically and emotionally, and has enhanced my capacity for caring for myself and for others.  Not only do I have new insights about my own natural tendencies, but I am able to treat myself with much more compassion and kindness.  In addition, I have a greater capacity for forgiveness of others - my kids, my husband, my mother-in-law, my boss, my coworkers - because I see their struggles in a new light.

In addition to helping me understand when I am in balance or off balance, Ayurveda has given me tools to regain balance when I feel mounting anxiety or irritability, when I have trouble sleeping, or when I have a flare-up of acne.” K

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