Oct 7: Heart & Art Yoga Workshop

Maria Toso art with Brant Kingman
Maria Toso art with Brant Kingman
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Oct 7: Heart & Art Yoga Workshop


Workshop with Maria Toso and Brant Kingman:

Deep yogic and artistic practices to clear out anxiety and strengthen the voice of your Spirit

Date: Saturday October 7, 2017

Time: 2:00PM-5:30PM


Prerequisites: none

Location: Kingman Studios, 225 Thomas Avenue N. in Minneapolis

Tension in the body is often caused by unconscious fear that has taken root; when we access and release the tension, we make room for new experiences to enter our lives. This workshop will help you release the burden of fear and tension and deepen the inherent connection to the authentic Spirit voice that we all carry within.

Through therapeutic soma yogic practices, breath work and guided meditation, you will achieve a deep sense of peace in your physical body and a quiet mind. From this place of inner calm, you will be guided through artistic exercises that will reveal in more details what your Spirit is up to, where you may feel stuck and how to move forward. 

The artistic process in this workshop is not about producing an object; it's about creating a tool that enables you to remove the debris of previous trauma and the filings of your daily grind that obscure the intelligent emanations of your own Spirit. Brant Kingman will show you art tricks he's developed to help you recognize what your Spirit knows. You will be amazed at how your Spirit speaks to you once you clear the space to hear it. 

"We are all visionaries but many of us have lost touch with this aspect of ourselves. We get stuck on autopilot as we rush through life. The clear voice of our Spirit cannot rise above the chatter of the intellect. So it's imperative that we learn to turn off the inner dialogue and focus our intent.  Once we accomplish this, we can use art as a simple tool to refine our state of being," explains co-teacher, Brant Kingman.

This workshop is a pause, a deep breath, a long sigh and an invitation for your Spirit, your authentic voice, to come through and speak to you, reveal overlooked information, and gently (re)direct your course. In order to access the voice of truth within, we have to learn to slow ourselves way down and shut off the busy mind. 

The practices taught in this workshop will take you to the next level whether you have never done yoga before or if you are a professional yoga teacher -- and anything in between. It's for you if you are a professional artist and it's for you, if you haven't touched a crayon since you were 8 years old.

This class is taught as a collaboration between Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Maria Toso and Artist, Brant Kingman. 

Materials included

I am always so inspired by these painting and sharing session. Both from internal perspective gained as well as hearing the feelings and thoughts from others about their creations - awesome how we all are naturally talented artists in the moment. - Michelle Heerey, workshop participant


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The image above is Maria's from a former workshop taught by Brant Kingman -- it revealed the deep sense of uncertainty that Maria was experiencing at the time. Seeing the expression in the eyes of this figure helped Maria find compassion for herself and what she was going through at the time.